06 Juni 2017 – ORIENT/OCCIDENT

ORIENT/OCCIDENT – ABENDLAND/MORGENLAND: Ideographen, Ikonographie und Darstellung

Überlieferung und Konfluenz der kultischen Expressionen – zeitgenössische Kunst basierend auf archaischen Ursprüngen.


Ausstellungseröffnung im Rahmen der Langen Nacht der Kirchen 09.06.17



Veli Catikkas (AT/TR)
Sophie Csenar (AT)
Hannes Gelner (AT)
Doris Haring (AT/SE)
Ernst Huber (AT)
Andrew Mezvinsky (US)
Fritz Pechmann (AT)
Barbara Redl (AT)
Tallal Shammout (AT/PS)

Opening 9 June 2015 – On Silent Mode

On Silent Mode

Stone, concrete, thread and oil:
Each leads back to a source
Where form disappears,
Where the quiet speaks,
Where old branches splinter,
and the new word is gleaned.

- Joan Avery - Zedlacher

29 May 2015 – Our Towering Thoughts

Installation at the Edith Stein Kapelle KHG for the "Lange Nacht der Kirchen" 2015, Ebendorferstraße 8, 1010 Wien

Artist: Alfredo Ledesma (Peru) & Arkadius Pluta (PL)

Opening talk by Dr. Joan Avery-Zedlacher
Curated by Ken Mapayo

30 September till 4 October 2014 – Vienna Parallel Art Fair: Fluid Mechanics

Adeeb Ashfaq (UK)
CilleHero (DK)
Benjamin Grodin (DK)
Mads E. Hvidtfeldt (DK)
Heire Häfliger (CH)
Sophie von Hanau (AT/ES)
Maximiliano León ( MX/AT)
Luke McArthur (UK)
Andrew Mezvinsky (US)
Jelena Micic´ (RS/AT)
Tanja Nis-Hansen (DK)
Niels Pallesen (DK)
Ivan Pérard (DK)
Antony von Renner (DE)

26 June 2014 – Shifting Sands

Cinema lovers may remember the terrifying scene in David Lean’s classic Lawrence of Arabia when
Lawrence’s faithful guide across the desert gets swallowed by a sand dune. Every time he grasps at
what appears to be stable ground, the sand shifts and collapses. From this hazardous phenomenon
comes the English expression “shifting sands” – a metaphor often used to describe a situation that
changes so constantly and rapidly that it frustrates all attempts to deal with it or even to understand it.
In this exhibition, seven young artists have endeavored to depict the extreme instability that now seems
to confront us at every turn. It’s a bit of a paradox, given that the images themselves are static, but
that’s part of the contemplative pleasure we hope the viewer will experience.

- John Leake (a freelance author who has written extensively about the themes of deception and unforeseen consequences)

23 May 2014 – Through The Eye Of Another

Installation at the Edith Stein Kapelle KHG for the "Lange Nacht der Kirchen" 2014

Artist: Benjamin Grodin (DK)

Curated by Ken Mapayo

20 March 2014 – Agora: A Lingusitic Tavelogue From The Hellenic To The Cycladic

11 June 2013 – Paradise Or What Am I Doing Here

9 November 2012 – Walking On Broken Glass

12 June 2012 – Tell Me